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Also in 2020 our hotel will offer wellness services, thanks to the massages of the master Reiki Simone Congia

Holistic Relax Massage Vanilla

A pure moment of total relax for the whole body! It is a massagge performer with maneuvers thar relax the muscles and dissolve physisal tensions, woth vanilla oil reduces stress and helps to regain one’s inner dimesion

Duration: 60 minutes                 €30,00


Decontracturing Holistic Massage with Salt Balls

It is a massage that dissolves contractures and give relief to parts in tension. The Himalayan salt balls are rolated on the parts of the body and remove dead cells and relax the muscles

Duration: 60 minutes €35,00

Anti-cellulite Holistic Massage with Essential Oils

It is a massage that helps dissolve cellulite, performed with maneuvers that allow the tissues to drain and tone and make the legs lighter. Performed on legs, buttocks and belly with different blends of essential oils

Duration: 60 minutes €35,00

Legs Holistic Massage with Patchoily

A relaxina leg massage, tones and improbe circulation. Patchouly in synerrgy with other essential oils improve rooting

Duration: 30 minutes €25,00

Reiki Energy Treatment

Reiki  is Universal Energy, it brings balance where there in need to restore deficiency or excess Energy conditions. This method was discovered and codified by Mikao Usui in 1922.

Reiki is a Universal Energy that work mainly on the 7 Cakras. The operator’s hands do not touch the recipient’s body who will only feel a slight heat in the treated areas. The recipient’s body will decide where to send the transmitted Energy and what will be most useful.

Duration: 60 minutes €30,00

Holistic Relax Massage with Reiki

The combination of the relaxing massage with Reiki is a maximum expression of pure relaxantion. Physical body and Energy body are bilance to get to eliminate all forms of stress. The massage is perfomed first and then a final Reiki treatment on the 7 main Cakra

Duration: 1h and 30 minutes €50,00

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