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Virginia Woolf wrote: " A man can not think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well", which is why we have always given a crucial importance to our kitchen, knowing that in the triumph of the senses, the taste had a primary role. The kitchen of the Hotel "Sabbie d'Oro" is simple and authentic, based on traditional recipes and using fresh ingredients and local , according to the policy of zero distance.


Started by " Mery ", is now run by his daughter "Lara" that keeps alive the recipes casareccie mother's touch by introducing new and innovative dishes: Risotto "sabbie d'oro", range of vegetables and fish, to Maialetto of Paolo, organic meat and slow cooking on the spit, through the fish sauce, sea bream and sea bass, fillet of tuna and bistros many desserts. The meeting of the secrets of our grandparents and the search for unique flavors allowed the restaurant to have important messages on the Gambero Rosso and Michelin .


In addition, from 2012 the hotel will develop a line of vegetarian dishes to meet the growing need and demand.


The restaurant has 40 seats inside and 40 outside, the hall has an impressive ceiling with wood beams.


The porch has open views and panoramic sunsets that make every dinner a small front-row seat for the show that nature offers every day, without pretense and without a ticket to be paid that is not the emotion

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