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Since 2015 the Hotel Village Golden Sands has started a new path, specializing as a location for civil wedding ceremonies or civil unions.

We went beyond the simple collective catering linked to the ceremony and thought of a new idea of our magical dunal spaces, linked to the most important moment of a wedding, that is the fateful and exciting "Yes".

Both the "Wedding Appetizer" formula and the "Total Wedding" formula offer the opportunity to take advantage of a unique panoramic space, to enjoy the blue of the sea or the iris of sunsets in what should be the most beautiful moment of a love story.
Using the advice of a wedding planner, we can also offer a range of complementary services to make your wedding day truly unforgettable, from the "Floral Wedding" to the Fair and Solidarity bombers, passing through the service restaurant or catering and car rental by ceremony...

From 2018 it is possible to officially celebrate your wedding or civil union at our property thanks to an agreement with the City of Arbus.

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