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An Eco Hotel on the sands

The property is the site of Community interest "Is Arenas S'Acqua and S'Ollastu " nature reserve for the uniqueness of their native fauna .


The Hotel consists in 13 independent rooms, built like lodges, and a central structure that includes a restaurant, a bar , a relaxation room and reception area, combining the typical range of holiday villages, to the convenient hotel services.


The hotel is a true oasis that can enhance, for the position and for the philosophy of the Filice family that runs it for fifteen years, returning to the contact with nature, in a really friendly atmosphere .


The landscape, the immense dunes, five blue sails , the silence of the place, the home cooking "km0", the environment and the welcome free of pets make the Hotel "Sabbie d'Oro" a true temple of the senses.


Since 2003, the Hotel "Sabbie d'Oro" embarked on the path of sustainability achieving ISO 14000 certification and initiating a process of transformation of its business management system that led him in 2010 to be recognized Eco hotel Eco World Hotel, getting a "green leaf ".

Your dog is welcome!
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